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ALONE walking
In thought plaining,
And sore sighing;
            All desolate,
Me rememb'ring
Of my living;
My death wishing
            Both early and late.

Is so my fate,
That, wot ye what?
            Out of measure
My life I hate;
Thus desperate,
In such poor estate,
            Do I endure.

Of other cure
Am I not sure;
Thus to endure
            Is hard, certain;
Such is my ure,*                                            *destiny <2>
I you ensure;
What creature
            May have more pain?

My truth so plain
Is taken in vain,
And great disdain
            In remembrance;
Yet I full fain
Would me complain,
Me to abstain
            From this penance.

But, in substance,
None alleggeance*                                           *alleviation
Of my grievance
            Can I not find;
Right so my chance,
With displeasance,
Doth me advance;
            And thus an end.

Notes to Virelay

1. (Transcriber's note: Modern scholars believe that Chaucer
was not the author of this poem)

2. Ure: "heur," or destiny; the same word that enters into
"bonheur" and "malheur." (French: happiness & unhappiness)

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