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AnaÔs Nin was a French-Cuban author born in 1903 in France. As an author, she was best known for her journals, as well as her erotic fiction.

From childhood, Nin was surrounded by art and artists. She moved several times, living in Spain, New York and Paris, where she began writing professionally in 1923. She once again left France in 1939, this time to escape World War II, and moved to New York. In the 1940s, she split her time between New York and Los Angeles.

Much of her personal life is detailed in her journals, which are full of her interactions with some of the eraís best known authors, artists, and psychiatrists, including Henry Miller and Otto Rank. The journals also tell about Ninís two simultaneous marriages, which she referred to as a Ďbicoastal trapezeí.

Ninís journals were published during her life, though the original versions, published in 1966, were significantly edited at the request of her first husband. They were published in seven volumes under the title The Diary of AnaÔs Nin. An unexpurgated version would be published posthumously in 1986 as Henry and June: From the Unexpurgated Diary of AnaÔs Nin.

Ninís writing was not limited to her journals. Her first book was D. H. Lawrence: An Unprofessional Study, published in 1932. Her fiction writing included 1936ís House of Incest and 1939ís Winter of Artifice.

When Nin died in 1977, much of her work was left unpublished. Posthumous publication of her short stories, journals, and erotic fiction has earned her a lasting legacy.


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