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Anita Diamant is a Jewish-American writer who is best known for her 1997 novel, The Red Tent.

Born in 1951, Diamantís family moved from New Jersey to Colorado when she was twelve. She studied Comparative Literature and English, receiving a BA and MA. In 1975, she began her writing career, working as a freelance journalist.

Diamantís writing was published in numerous magazines and newspapers. In 1985, she turned to books. That year, she published The New Jewish Wedding, a guide for couples to plan their ceremonies and receptions. Following this, she wrote three additional guides: The New Jewish Baby Book, published in 1988, Living a Jewish Life, published in 1991, and Pitching My Tent, published in 1995.

Her mainstream success came two years later, in 1997, when her first novel, The Red Tent was published. It offered a reimagining of the lives of Biblical women, focusing on Dinah, a minor Biblical character. It was a New York Times bestseller and remains a popular book.

Diamant followed up with three more novels, including 2009ís Day After Night. She has also continued to write lifestyle guides. These included the parenting book, How to Be a Jewish Parent, published in 2000. She has also published updated versions of her earlier guide books.

She lives in Newton, Massachusetts, where she was one of the founders of a community-based ritual bath.


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