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D. A. Carson is the author of nearly 60 books of Biblical scholarship.

Born in 1946 in Montreal, Carson went on to study chemistry and mathematics at McGill University. He also earned degrees from the Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto and from Cambridge University, where he studied the New Testament.

Carson became the pastor of Richmond Baptist Church in 1970. After he returned from Cambridge, he moved to Vancouver, where is has been a member of the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School faculty since 1978.

The same year, Carson published his first book, The Sermon on the Mount. The following year he published The King James Version Debate: A Plea for Realism. His numerous books have focused on topics such as prayer and free will. His most recent book is 2012ís The Intolerance of Tolerance.

Carsonís 1996 book, The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism earned him the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Christian Book Award. Carson has also worked as an editor. He edited Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament along with G. K. Beale in 2008.

Carsonís books have been praised for their high quality Biblical scholarship, and Carson is a well-respected researcher. His work has been translated into other languages, including Chinese. He has a global audience, particularly for his Expositor's Bible Commentary.

Along with his work as an editor, writer, and scholar, Carson is also a founding member of The Gospel Coalition. He is also the founding chairman of the GRAMCORD Institute.

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