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The author of the beloved Curious George children’s books, H. A. Rey was born in 1898 in Hamburg, Germany. Up until his 1977 death, he wrote a number of books featuring his best-known character, as well as books about constellations.

Rey met his wife, Margret, in Brazil, where both were living in the 1930s. Margret was his co-author on the Curious George books, though she was uncredited in many early editions. The couple moved to Paris in 1935, though were forced to flee the city during World War II.

While in Paris, Rey was commissioned to write his first children’s book, Cecily G. And the Nine Monkeys, after a publisher had seen his illustrations. The book would be published in 1939, and was the first introduction of Curious George. The character was a hit, and the Reys began work on a book devoted to the monkey.

Fleeing Europe, the Reys took only a few belongings, among which was the first illustrated manuscript of Curious George. The couple went back to Brazil before settling in New York. Curious George was published in 1941.

Curious George was an immediate success, and the Reys were commissioned to write additional books featuring the titular monkey. Curious George Takes a Job was published in 1947, followed by Curious George Rides a Bike in 1952, Curious George Gets a Medal in 1957, and three additional titles.

Rey’s work as an illustrator went beyond children’s stories. His 1952 book, The Stars: A New Way to See Them, presented a new set of constellation diagrams.


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