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J. I. Packer is a prolific writer of Theology. He started doing Christian writing around 1958, with his first book, Fundamentalism and the Word of God. He decided to lead a life of service in the Christian faith after hearing many lectures and books from the great C.S. Lewis. His inspiration was found here and extend to the present with his writings, and all the way to the opposite side of Canada from England. He has lived in Vancouver for roughly thirty years.

Packer is a Complementarian. This means that believes that the traditional roles of Men and Women should remain something akin to what they were in the past. Men should provide and protect, while women should nurture and submit to the manís leadership. This also means that Packer believes that men should be the only ones to take leadership in the Church and that women should never be in such situations. His beliefs on these matters are cited to be taken from the Bible.

Packer also expresses caution when talking about creation and evolution of man. He does not believe that science had ruled out the possibility that God created everything, and that anything that science has supposedly proven should be looked at very carefully.

In Packer is part of the St. Johnís Vancouver Anglican Church. This church voted, in 2008, to leave the Anglican Church of Canada. Packer resigned all roles of association with this church after St. Johnís joined with the Anglican Network of Canada.

Packer lives and still writes from his home in Vancouver.


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