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Jeanette Walls lived a rather peculiar life as a child which has since served her well with writing her bestselling novel, The Glass Castle. She moved frequently growing up, going from one coast of American to the other. She received several awards for this book and was a breakout novel that has since allowed her to leave her other writing positions to focus solely on novel writing.

After graduating college from Barnard College, with honors, she went on to intern at a now defunct paper called, The Phoenix. This is an interesting place for her to start her career as she started her life in Phoenix, Arizona where she was born. The paper went out of business in 1998, but during that time Walls moved from an intern to a reporter for the paper.

Before The Phoenix closed its doors, Walls had moved on to write for the New York magazine from 1987 to 1993. She did well here and eventually moved on to Esquire magazine from 1993 to 1998. Walls finally landed a position with writing a regular gossip column. She stayed here until she was able to become a full time novel writer.

Walls wrote an award winning, and bestselling novel, The Glass Castle, which helped catapult her career as a full time author. She has since gone on to write a second novel based off of her grandmotherís life entitled, Half Broke Horses.

Walls is married to journalist John J. Taylor. They both live in Virginia.


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