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American science fiction author Joe Haldeman was born in 1943. He holds a degree in astronomy from the University of Maryland, and an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop.

Haldeman was drafted into the Army and served in the Vietnam War as a combat engineer. He was injured in combat and received a Purple Heart. Several of his novels have been influenced by this experience. His first novel, War Year, was published in 1972, and drew heavily on his time in Vietnam. His most famous novel, 1974s The Forever War, was also based on his military experiences. The book earned him a Hugo and Nebula award.

Haldeman has been a full time writer since 1970, and has received a number of additional awards. These include three additional Hugo awards, four additional Nebula awards, and the Damon knight Memorial Grand Master Award for lifetime achievement. Since 1970, he has published over 35 books, including some of the first novels set in the Star Trek universe.

His books have been popular among readers and critics, and several have been adapted for stage and screen. He has also written a screenplay, Robot Jox, which was made into a low-budget film. He continues to write novels and short fiction.

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