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Born in 1608, John Milton is among the best known British poets of his time. Paradise Lost, his epic poem, was published in 1664, by which time he was completely blind.

Miltonís early life was comfortable, and his fatherís social standing and wealth allowed for private tutors and education at Cambridge University. Milton initially intended to become a priest, but was drawn to poetry.

After he completed his education in 1632, Milton went to one of his familyís country homes, where he continued with his private studies. Here he wrote a number of poems, including Lycidas. This poem was an elegy for Edward King, one of his friends from Cambridge.

Milton eventually settled in London, where he worked as a private tutor for the children of well-off friends and family members. At the time of the English Civil War, Milton began writing polemics in favour of the Parliamentarians.

After the Civil War, Milton maintained his writing in praise of Cromwell and the Commonwealth, and was appointed Secretary for Foreign Tongues. His political writing continued, as did his poetic writing.

By 1654, Milton was completely blind, most likely due to glaucoma. His writing was composed by dictation, and in this manner he wrote Paradise Lost. This poem was followed by Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes.

Milton died in 1674. At the time of his death he was one of the most important British poets, and his work continues to be the focus of much study and appreciation.

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