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Jonathan Lethem has led a varied and interesting life. This is possibly why his books have done so well, and his imaginative settings have been so popular.

Lethem grew up in the Bohemian area of New York City. His mother was a political activist and his father was an avant-garde painter. Thus he had a natural instinct for the arts, growing up watching his dad paint. In fact he went to the New York School of Music and Arts, where he did many paintings, although nothing much to his liking. However, he did do some writing while at school, producing his own magazine.

After graduating from high school, Lethem enrolled at Bennington College in Vermont. While at Bennington, he realized that he liked writing much more than painting and that it came easier to him. He ended dropping out of college in his sophomore year and astoundingly hitchhiked across the country to Berkeley, California with only forty dollars in his pocket.

Lethem spent most of his free time writing and learning more about the craft. While there he took on jobs at used book stores.

Lethemís first published novel was, Gun, with Occasional Music. His novel didnít jump out of the gate; not getting much attention in the literary world. It wasnít until a great review of his book appeared in Newsweek magazine, did the novel start to gain momentum. As the novel gained more and more attention it received an award from Locus magazine, and was a finalist for the 1994 Nebula Award.


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