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Karen Marie Moning, the bestseller of two different seriesí was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. After high school she enrolled at Purdue University and graduate with a degree in Society and Law. For one reason or another, her education didnít seem to steer her towards the real calling she had in life, which was to be a writer.

Moningís first series, The Highlander Series, is a paranormal romance set in medieval Scotland. While writing this series, Moning became quite interested in the Celtic Myths of the Fae. She was fascinated by all of the stories that she read, and after the Highlander series she would go on to write the Fever series where she created a fictional race of immortal beings called Tuatha De Danann.

The Highlander series worked out to describe the setting of the fictional world that her stories took place. It was this setting that made the backdrop for all of the Fever series books.

The Fever series starts with the main character MacKayla Lane. Her sister is murdered while on a trip to Dublin, and MacKayla decides that she is going to go to Dublin and find the person or persons who killed her sister. The research on the Fae that she did with the Highlander series is the mainstay of these books. There are Faerie in Dublin, and all over Ireland; however they are not as nice as and more powerful than she ever thought possible.

Moning is currently at work, writing a graphic novel for Del Rey, featuring some of her characters from her novels.


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