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Ted Dekker, the author of Tea with Hezbollah, has written over forty books, including New York Times best sellers. He was born in 1962 in Indonesia, and was the child of missionaries. He has said his childhood experiences have influenced his writing. He has said that being on his own for much of his young life caused him to imagine other worlds, something that would be the basis for much of his writing.

Dekker moved to the United States, where he pursued a degree in religion and philosophy. He worked as an entrepreneur, but was drawn to writing. His attempts at publication were rejected for several years, though they would be later published as Black and To Kill with Reason. Heavenís Wager would become his first published novel in 2000.

Dekkerís mainstream success came three years later with the publication of Thr3e, which was made into a film. Later the same year, he published Blink. Many of his other popular novels have been co-written with other authors. These have included House, the 2006 novel co-written with Frank Peretti, which was also made into a film.

Dekkerís novels have been parts of several series, including The Circle Series, The Paradise Series, and The Lost Books Series. In addition to his many novels, he also authored two non-fiction books, The Slumber of Christianity, published in 2005, and Tea with Hezbollah, published in 2010. His writing continues to be popular, with a fan-organized series of unofficial conventions being held regularly.


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